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Hearing Health Professionals

We work closely with otorhinolaryngologists and audiologists to ensure your hearing is clear and normal. Together, we will find innovative solutions tailored to your needs!

The Hearing Aid Acoustician

The Hearing Aid Acoustician

This hearing health professional sells, preps, adjusts and replaces hearing aids to improve hearing in hearing-impaired persons with maximum efficiency and comfort. The hearing aid acoustician can also help you find assistive listening devices, industrial hearing protectors, swimming earplugs and musicians’ earplugs.

ENT Doctor - ORL specialist

ENT Doctor

Otorhinolaryngology is a branch of medicine specialized in diagnosing and treating disorders related to the nose, to the throat, to the ear and to the head and neck area. Specialists are called otorhinolaryngologists (ORL).


The Audiologist

This health professional prepares a treatment and retrains patients regarding communication problems linked to hearing. Additionally, he or she tests hearing with audiometric evaluations and recommends hearing aids and listening devices to patients who need them.

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Hearing Clinic

An assessment by a hearing-aid acoustician is required in order to determine if the hearing aid is suitable for the patient's needs. Responsible for advertising: Annie Bouchard


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