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5 Reasons You Should Choose Custom Noise-Cancelling Earplugs

Wednesday, November 08 2017
5 Reasons You Should Choose Custom Noise-Cancelling Earplugs

It is well-known that too much noise can be detrimental to your hearing, but you might not be aware of just how fragile your hearing is, nor how essential it is to have proper protection. In many cases of hearing damage, the work place is the culprit, especially in the industrial sector, where machine noises are prevalent.

Even your lawnmower or an animated conversation (where voices rise to be overheard) can damage your hearing. There exists a simple and efficient solution to counter these threats, though: customized noise-cancelling earplugs

1- Are noise-cancelling earplugs really that great?

Disposable wax, silicone or foam earplugs can mitigate the volume of animated conversations and can help you sleep more soundly, but they offer only limited protection against hearing trauma. Beyond 100 decibels (which concerts, for instance, blow out of the water), these plugs are completely useless. In fact, only custom designed earplugs with an acoustic filter can offer real protection, easily adapting to 60-decibel noise as well as 120 decibels.

2- Unparalleled sound quality

The appeal of custom noise-cancelling earplugs is not only that they provide protection against surrounding noise, but also that they enable the wearer to listen to a conversation by filtering out frequencies depending on context. This way, you can work in a noisy environment without any danger for your hearing, but you won’t be cut-off from the world. The earplugs can even match your headphones to enjoy your favourite music without any ambient noise.

3- Noise-cancelling earplugs for music lovers

The hearing of professional musicians, concertgoers, bartenders or club employees is often put to the test simply because of the job description.

Using noise-cancelling earplugs can be a wonderful way to protect the ears in such cases. Custom-made for the shape of the ear and adapted to the user’s particular needs, these earplugs do not alter music. They merely mitigate the number of decibels registered by the ear.

Earplugs exist with varying levels of noise mitigation to adjust to the sounds wearers deal with regularly.The plug can even be combined with a stage monitor for artists performing live, allowing them to be linked up to the sound console. Pilots and police also use these plugs.

4- A low-cost, long-term solution

Custom noise-cancelling earplugs have a higher cost on purchase, but they guarantee true hearing protection. They are made to fit perfectly to the ear’s morphology, they are comfortable, and they are easy to maintain.

Their lifespan last several years, as opposed to disposable plugs. The acoustic filter can be changed according to the wearer’s needs, the hearing protection is homogenous or can only filter certain frequencies. By avoiding hearing lesions, these earplugs increase comfort and help to save on medical costs.

5- A matter of health

Human hearing abilities are not unlimited. The damage caused by excessive sounds does not only trigger hearing loss. Noise can affect our capacity to function. It harms our concentration and increases fatigue, reduces productivity and increases stress levels. In the long term, noise can cause headaches, tinnitus, and many other health problems, up to complete deafness.

If you are regularly confronted with threats to your hearing, whether you’re a shooting enthusiast or a doctor (the plugs can fit stethoscopes), a musician or a factory worker, etc., the use of custom noise-cancelling earplugs protects you from these dangers. You can continue with your activities and hobbies, whatever they may be, in complete safety and comfort.


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