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Hearing Amplifiers: 4 Types of Daily Support

Monday, July 31 2017
Hearing Amplifiers: 4 Types of Daily Support

When we think about hearing problems, we first imagine how difficult a face-to-face conversation can be. But hearing loss also impedes our phone conversations and our quieter, relaxing moments in front of the TV. Hearing amplifiers are the solution to this problem, enabling their wearer to rediscover the fun of properly listening to music or watching TV.

Amplified Phone System

On top of face-to-face conversation, those who suffer from hearing loss can also be uncomfortable with making or answering phone calls, fearing that they may not understand the person on the other end of the line. Thankfully, different phone systems exist to amplify sound signals by 40 dB in order to greatly improve listening comprehension.

There are also ringing light warning systems, wireless amplified phones that can be connected to cell phones or other mobile devices, and phones with large keys to better serve those whose hearing and sight are both impaired.

Amplified TV System

It can be difficult for a person suffering from hearing loss to watch TV. Often, this will mean that the TV volume will be pushed up significantly. This may bother loved ones and neighbours, which means someone with hearing loss may choose instead to watch their movies apart from others in order to hear properly.

Amplified TV systems are a great way to listen to the TV at the necessary volume without disturbing those nearby. These systems will amplify a movie's sound directly into the hearing aid or headset, and settings can be made according to hearing needs all while preserving the quality of the television's base sound.

Amplified Alarm Clock

The amplified alarm clock is more than just handy and necessary for those living with hearing loss; it is an essential accessory to improve daily life for those who wish to get up on time. Indeed, these powerful devices emit roughly 100 dB: now even a person suffering from hearing problems has no excuse to stay in bed! These portable alarm clocks have two useful features: an alarm amplifier, and a bed agitator, which can make your pillow vibrate and allow you to wake up gently. This type of alarm clock is often equipped with a cell phone charger.

Personal Amplifier

The personal amplifier is another type of accessory that can be useful to those suffering from hearing loss. The system can be used alongside hearing aids according to specific hearing needs. The device amplified sounds you want to hear and reduces background noises, which is ideal to track a conversation, a movie or even to listen to music in the car without being distracted by unpleasant ambient noises. A personal amplifier can be used simply as a music playback device: the wearer needs only to put on headphones, set a volume and place the microphone need the source of the sound they wish to listen to.

These systems help to improve quality of life for those who suffer from hearing or visual impairments, and can be used daily without risk. In fact, hearing loss can be attenuated and quality of life can be greatly improved thanks to these technological tools. Their purpose is to offset social exclusion for hearing impaired and deaf persons. Be sure to ask for more information about these products from your hearing aid acoustician.


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