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Batteries for Hearing Aids

With their patented design and components, the zinc-air batteries for hearing aids from Clinique Auditive Bouchard, Tremblay et Associés, Audioprothésistes Inc. equal to long-lasting power. These batteries increase hearing aid efficiency, as much for digital and programmable devices as hearing aids used by persons with severe hearing loss.

Additionally, zinc-air batteries use only the exact amount of air they need, optimizing its power without compromising on its output. In the end, you’ll benefit from an even-powered battery best suited to your hearing aids. Visit us or contact us for your battery needs.

Batteries 312 - Batteries 675 - Batteries 10 - Batteries 13

Battery tester for hearing aids

Battery Tester

To check digital batteries. Practical and easy to use.

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An assessment by a hearing-aid acoustician is required in order to determine if the hearing aid is suitable for the patient's needs. Responsible for advertising: Annie Bouchard


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